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10th Apr 2017 – Strutting Seagull

Strutting Seagull

Strutting Seagull

Just a snapshot of a seagull strutting along the Santa Monica Beach with the Pacific Ocean just over its wing…

April 8th, 2013 – Sun Shadows with Shockie Stick

Sun Shadows with Shockie Stick

Sun Shadows with Shockie Stick

Snapshot of a model holding a cattle prod (i.e., the shockie stick); exposure is such that the sunlight from behind is pouring over like a shadow- hence the sun shadow.

November 19th, 2012 – Sunny Palms

Sunny Palms

Sunny Palms in Beverly Hills

Picture of some Palm Trees in California with a nice bit of play between the sunshine and the clouds during what photographers call “the Golden Hour”.

September 17th, 2012 – George Takei ( @georgetakei ) at Walter Koenig’s Star ceremony

George on the Walk of Fame

George Takei ( @georgetakei ) taking impromptu questions at Walter Koenig’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony

George Takei ( @georgetakei ) taking impromptu questions at Walter Koenig’s Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony from 10 Septemter 2012.

August 15th, 2011 ~ Felicia Day ( @feliciaday ) & Greg Aronwitz ( @gregaronowitz )

Felicia & Greg

Felicia Day & Greg Aronowitz

A quick snapshot of the lovely Felicia Day and the insatiably talented Greg Aronowitz after the Hammer Improv Show at the Hayworth Theater on Wilshire in Los Angeles. As always, was a fun show, and Greg brought an extra treat- many of The Guild props (as well as work on his other projects) with him for the troupe to incorporate into the act. (Not surprisingly, they did to great effect.)

After the show, thought it would be nice to get a picture of Felicia, (but, I did already have one with her); a shot of her by herself was a little odd, so a quick call over, and above kicks off. As the kids say, “whoot”

July 27th, 2011 ~ Jim & Tara

Jim and Tara

James Quon & Tara Perry at the Hammer Improv

Just a quick snapshot of a good friend and a member of the Hammer Improv comedy troupe after one of their shows… Had to push Jim into the picture a bit, because he was crushing on Tara a little- there are rumors I can be a bit aggressive.

But it was a great show, a great night, and I’m glad I got this shot together.

FYI, if you are able to catch a @HammerImprov show, you’ll enjoy seeing @Taraperry and the rest- especially if you tend towards the nerd side.

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