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5th Feb 2018 – Runway Thrust, Hip

Runway Thrust, Hip

Runway Thrust, Hip

Another shot from the Always in Fashion event at the Beverly Hilton


13th Nov 2017 – Gyv Me That Look from the Runway

Gyv Me That Look from the Runway

Gyv Me That Look from the Runway

From the Always in Fashion event at the Beverly Hilton, (part of the Los Angeles Fashion Week 2017), this photo was taken during the Swim Runway, with the model wearing a stylish new Gyv Me Body creation- and the over the lens look sells it for me.

28th Nov 2016 – Pomegranate Among the Grasses

Pomegranate Among the Grasses

Pomegranate Among the Grasses

One of my dear friends has some pomegranate trees in her yard; and as she knows I am something of a pomegranate fanatic, she lets me clean her trees of the culturally-significant fruit at my leisure. One day, I did notice how the reds of the fruit does stand out strikingly from greens of the grass, and decided to take a few pictures…

24th Oct 2016 – Cherries in Bloom at LACMA

Cherries in Bloom at @LACMA

Cherries in Bloom at LACMA

Photograph of a sprig of Cherry Blossoms blooming before the spire of LACMA’s Japanese Pavillion.

26th Sep 2016 – Vẻ Đẹp Ngủ (Sleeping Beauty)

Vẻ Đẹp Ngủ

Vẻ Đẹp Ngủ – Vietnamese for Sleeping Beauty

Snapshot after a long day of modeling

19th Sep 2016 – Branch Hummingbird

Branch Hummingbird

Branch Hummingbird

Photograph of a series I took of hummingbirds in a glade near the house in the Hollywood Hills. On this one, a hummingbird is resting on a branch after doing some work on its nest…

Mar 28th, 2016 – Mizu Mizu Mizu!

Mizu Mizu Mizu!

Mizu Mizu Mizu!

A reposting of the first Mizu Mizu Mizu!, with the updated copyrighting style. So, to recap…

This is, without a doubt, one of my favorite pictures. As most pet owners know, our little critters make great subject and also pictures thereof can make us exceptionally happy.

I took this one in June, 2008, and am always pleased when it gets compliments. I’ve even had a few people order a picture of my cat for themselves, (double bursting with pride when that happens). It was taken outside with the standard digital set-up of a Sony α100, using natural light.

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