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28th Nov 2016 – Pomegranate Among the Grasses

Pomegranate Among the Grasses

Pomegranate Among the Grasses

One of my dear friends has some pomegranate trees in her yard; and as she knows I am something of a pomegranate fanatic, she lets me clean her trees of the culturally-significant fruit at my leisure. One day, I did notice how the reds of the fruit does stand out strikingly from greens of the grass, and decided to take a few pictures…


24th Oct 2016 – Cherries in Bloom at LACMA

Cherries in Bloom at @LACMA

Cherries in Bloom at LACMA

Photograph of a sprig of Cherry Blossoms blooming before the spire of LACMA’s Japanese Pavillion.

26th Sep 2016 – Vẻ Đẹp Ngủ (Sleeping Beauty)

Vẻ Đẹp Ngủ

Vẻ Đẹp Ngủ – Vietnamese for Sleeping Beauty

Snapshot after a long day of modeling

19th Sep 2016 – Branch Hummingbird

Branch Hummingbird

Branch Hummingbird

Photograph of a series I took of hummingbirds in a glade near the house in the Hollywood Hills. On this one, a hummingbird is resting on a branch after doing some work on its nest…

Mar 28th, 2016 – Mizu Mizu Mizu!

Mizu Mizu Mizu!

Mizu Mizu Mizu!

A reposting of the first Mizu Mizu Mizu!, with the updated copyrighting style. So, to recap…

This is, without a doubt, one of my favorite pictures. As most pet owners know, our little critters make great subject and also pictures thereof can make us exceptionally happy.

I took this one in June, 2008, and am always pleased when it gets compliments. I’ve even had a few people order a picture of my cat for themselves, (double bursting with pride when that happens). It was taken outside with the standard digital set-up of a Sony α100, using natural light.

Feb 15th, 2016 – Mizu by Tube

Mizu by Tube

Mizu by Tube

Snapshot of Mizu enjoying the tube on her cat tree…

Dec 28th, 2015 – Disco Star, in Blue or Gold?

Disco in Blue or Gold

Disco in Blue or Gold

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is The Grove being decorated- especially the disco stars and bows. I doubly like when they catch the reflections of certain lights or lighted signs. Above is a close-up of one star with a second behind it, catch the light from the “The Grove” marquee sign that hangs outside the theater.

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