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29th Jan 2018 – Nadia and Dream Get Their Feet Wet

Nadia and Dream Get Their Feet Wet

Nadia and Dream Get Their Feet Wet

During the shoot BikiniBack, a brief respite with Nadia and Dream to get their feet wet and enjoy the Pacific…

4th Dec 2017 – Classic Light, Modern Downtown

Classic Light, Modern Downtown

Classic Light, Modern Downtown

Close-up photograph of a hanging, classic-style incandescent bulb before the backdrop of Downtown Los Angeles.

I like the interplay of the classic light with the modern city skyline in the background…

6th Nov 2017 – Beauty Kneeling in the Sand

Beauty Kneeling in the Sand

Beauty Kneeling in the Sand

Model kneeling at the edge of the Pacific Ocean…

28th Aug 2017 – Eclipse Beginnings

Eclipse Beginnings

Eclipse Beginnings

As mentioned last week, I headed north to Idaho, (specifically, Mackay, Idaho), to witness and photograph the Great American Eclipse (2017). This is photograph is a shot early in the Eclipse, with sunspots clearly visible as the moon passes over the upper right portion of Sol.

Mar 14th, 2016 – Leopard Lady Lay

Leopard Lady Lay

Leopard Lady Lay

Classic picture of a lovely model laying in a leopard print dress, her hair cascading off the side of the bed…

And… we’re back!

On to our regular scheduled updates

Hiatus in Temperus

Greetings friends and followers!

Well, some good news and some bad; first, the bad. Life (personal and professional) have decided to get a little more tumultuous than I would like, which is going to put a crimp in getting the weekly postings up. Hopefully, it will only be a few week interruption, but I did want to at least give a heads up.

But, the good news should make up for the temporary silence on the blog front:
* First and foremost, the primary Mysidian Moments website is getting a major renovation. Its been in the works for a while now, but the trigger has been pulled, as it were. Once the bugs are worked out and I’m happy with the look and feel, it’ll go live.
* Next, I’ve been looking at how to sell prints and canvases of my photographs online, so the website will be incorporating a store into it. That’s some fun coding right there…
* I’m planning on making some excursions solely to go a-photoing in the near future- either as day trips or perhaps further afield.
* Lastly, while I am not going to stop watermarking my pictures, I have done some serious consideration on how to do it in a way that isn’t as jarring as the current “across the center” method I do now. Given how a determined individual can remove any visible watermark, I have decided to go with a less obfuscating style. I don’t have any intention to “undo” all the photos I’ve put up in the blog, but going forward (not counting the pictures in the queue), I will be using the new style. (Also, the primary website will be redone with the new style as well)

Thank you all for following/liking and generally enjoying my work- it does make the joy I get from photography even greater!

~ Jeremy ~

Star Trek- Prelude to Axanar – REVIEW

Sephiroth144's WordPress Weblog

On Saturday evening, Star Trek: Prelude to Axanar premiered outside the San Diego Comic-Con.  This fan film was founded via Kickstarter and is a prequel (of sorts) to the primary project, Star Trek: Axanar.

Prelude to Axanar

The story involves a History Channel-like show that is giving the set-up to the famed Battle of Axanar.  During the first major war the United Federation of Planets fought, they were losing.  The Klingon Empire, both threatened and unimpressed with the Federation, had decided to launch an invasion.  After more than a year of success, the Federation, reeling from continued losses, changed tact.  Aside from shake-ups in the command structure, more daring strategies were combined with an arms races with between the galactic powers.  Due to Admiral Samuel TravisKlingon’s arrogance, their gains were reversed- though they were not beaten nor dissuaded.  The film ends with the premise of forcing a battle that would end the war, one way…

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Cosplay Image of the Day – 25th June 2014

Fantastic Wonder Woman!

February 3rd, 2014 – Christmas with Nhom Lo Lem

Nhom Lo Lem Singing

Nhom Lo Lem Singing

Performance shot of the Vietnamese Pop trio Nhóm Lọ Lem (left to right- Thao, Du Pham & Bảo Nhi).

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