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Hiatus in Temperus

Greetings friends and followers!

Well, some good news and some bad; first, the bad. Life (personal and professional) have decided to get a little more tumultuous than I would like, which is going to put a crimp in getting the weekly postings up. Hopefully, it will only be a few week interruption, but I did want to at least give a heads up.

But, the good news should make up for the temporary silence on the blog front:
* First and foremost, the primary Mysidian Moments website is getting a major renovation. Its been in the works for a while now, but the trigger has been pulled, as it were. Once the bugs are worked out and I’m happy with the look and feel, it’ll go live.
* Next, I’ve been looking at how to sell prints and canvases of my photographs online, so the website will be incorporating a store into it. That’s some fun coding right there…
* I’m planning on making some excursions solely to go a-photoing in the near future- either as day trips or perhaps further afield.
* Lastly, while I am not going to stop watermarking my pictures, I have done some serious consideration on how to do it in a way that isn’t as jarring as the current “across the center” method I do now. Given how a determined individual can remove any visible watermark, I have decided to go with a less obfuscating style. I don’t have any intention to “undo” all the photos I’ve put up in the blog, but going forward (not counting the pictures in the queue), I will be using the new style. (Also, the primary website will be redone with the new style as well)

Thank you all for following/liking and generally enjoying my work- it does make the joy I get from photography even greater!

~ Jeremy ~

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