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March 24th, 2014 – Brendan and Raya Downtown

Brendan Downtown

Brendan Downtown

Raya Downtown

Raya Downtown

Before the Battlestar Concert in Downtown LA got its proper start, the two vocalists, Brendan McCreary and Raya Yarbrough had to warm up. These shots are of them getting ready to rock the show.

(Yes, these pictures were chosen since Brendan’s band, Young Beautiful in a Hurry, had their album release party Saturday)

February 3rd, 2014 – Christmas with Nhom Lo Lem

Nhom Lo Lem Singing

Nhom Lo Lem Singing

Performance shot of the Vietnamese Pop trio Nhóm Lọ Lem (left to right- Thao, Du Pham & Bảo Nhi).

October 28th, 2013 – Warner Drive goes to the Roxy ( @WarnerDrive )

Warner Drive goes to the Roxy

Warner Drive goes to the Roxy

WARNER DRIVE is an original rock based outfit from Hollywood, CA that features catchy riffs, a rock/punk edge, and an incredibly energetic performance. They performed at the Roxy in West Hollywood, (itself a history-draped music stage), and these are a couple of shots of their performance.

Jonny Law – Vocals
Ryan Harris – Guitar
Candice Levinson – Guitar
Elvis James – Bass
Jonny U – Drums

They’ve got a solid beat if you still love rock and roll- you can check out their homepage here.

The Band

The Band

August 8th, 2011 ~ Du Pham BAM!


Du Pham ~ Lo Lem

Photo from the Nhóm Lọ Lem concert, New Year’s 2008 in Orange County, California. The shot from taken at the end of a set, and it just has a look that says ba-DAMN!

August 5th, 2011 ~ Luciana Downtown

Luciana Downtown

Luciana Carro Downtown at the BSG Concert

Actress Luciana Carro at a downtown concert in Los Angeles.

July 22nd, 2011 ~ BSG LA Wide

BSG Concert Downtown LA

Battlestar Galactica Concert in Downtown Los Angeles

This concert was an absolutely incredible affair- putting aside the fact that I am a huge BSG fan, (seriously, drama in a scifi setting- don’t let the name slow you down from trying it), the music is just amazeballs… hearing it live, in a great venue, with grande acoustics- wow. (Seriously, YouTube it- there might be some black market copies of the full concert, but realistically, because that was a no-no, YouTube’s where to see snippets of it)

I had arrived early and grabbed a great spot- seriously, look at it- high, but not too high, center mass- let me see straight onto the stage, got a great sound, and was able to take some amazing shots too- this is the teaser shot, more than anything, but also gives a feel of the concert venue. (Most of the seating was below, directly below, or on the side in front but below frame)

@bearmccreary needs to have more of these…

July 6th, 2011 ~ Raya at the LACMA

Raya Grooves at the LACMA

Raya Grooves at the LACMA

Raya Yarbrough held an open-air concert at the Los Angeles Museum of Modern Art as part of their Jazz Under the Stars series. This shot features Raya getting lost in her music and cutting loose.

She’s a great artist, and is also having a concert this weekend, , so if you’re in the LA area, it’d be a great chance to see her perform live!

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