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5th Jun 2017 – Clownfish Trio

Clownfish Trio at the Aquarium of the Pacific

Clownfish Trio at the Aquarium of the Pacific

Snapshot from 2011 of three clownfish (or anemonefish) swimming at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California. Not going to lie- getting a good shot, with enough light, of small, moving creatures through different mediums, (glass, air and water), is a bit of a challenge…

29th May 2017 – Jedi Cassy vs Jedi Cindy

Jedi Cassy vs Jedi Cindy

Jedi Cassy vs Jedi Cindy

Behind the scenes shot from Return of the Threesome, a parody of the old Star Wars commercials… Not counting the ladder crew, we have Rileah Vanderbilt as Jedi Master Cassy and Alison Haislip as Jedi Master Cindy dueling it out with the lights in the background.

I’ll be adding a few more shots from this shoot over the next few months- though there is one Easter Egg shot already up.

22nd May 2017 – Endeavour in the Barn

Endeavour in the Barn

Endeavour in the Barn

Shot of the Space Shuttle Endeavour in its resting position at the California Science Center.

And I feel I should pimp my other Space Shuttle Endeavour photographs, especially this one

15th May 2017 – Caicedo Leap

Caicedo Jump

Caicedo Jump

Snapshot of Colombian model Karen Caicedo making a running leap at Santa Monica beach… Well, a jogging jump.

More pictures of Karen Caicedo to come soon.

1st May 2017 – Tongva Dancer Swish

Tongva Dancer Swish

Tongva Dancer Swish

PLACEHOLDER – sometimes, you get behind but still have to rush out the door…

Yes, I am typing to the audience and to myself. Hopefully, this will not be here long enough to get any comments =p

24th Apr 2017 – March for Science, LA edition

March for Science, Los Angeles - Stage

March for Science, Los Angeles – Stage

March for Science, Los Angeles - March Snapshot

March for Science, Los Angeles – March Snapshot

The largest* March for Science, held in Los Angeles, CA, had roughly 50,000 marching from Pershing Square to City Hall with speeches by Lucy Jones, Tom Steyer and Allison Schroeder beginning at noon. Former NASA astronaut Garrett Reisman led the rally in an electric vehicle. The shots here are of the speaker’s podium and a snap of the march coming down 1st Street.

And this protestor was a fellow repeat from the Women’s March- but I didn’t get a decent shot then… This one isn’t perfect, but For Science!

March for Science LA - Princess Bubblegum

March for Science LA – Princess Bubblegum

* Might be the 2nd largest- can anyone point me to a count of the DC march? Oddly couldn’t find one with an estimate…

17th Apr 2017 – Katamari Phoenix

Katamari Phoenix

Katamari Phoenix

One of my favorite exhibits in LACMA’s Korean wing, this work of art reminds me of a Katamari… It is a large, (6-8 feet diameter), spherical construction, made from broken pottery fused together, with a golden metallic sealant running along the edges of the individual pieces.

… Now if I can find the Prince…

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