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22nd May 2017 – Endeavour in the Barn

Endeavour in the Barn

Endeavour in the Barn

Shot of the Space Shuttle Endeavour in its resting position at the California Science Center.

And I feel I should pimp my other Space Shuttle Endeavour photographs, especially this one

20th Feb 2017 – Clouds After the Rain

Clouds After the Rain

Clouds After the Rain

After the rains last month, clouds were hanging low around the Hollywood Hills; a rare site in Southern California…

16th Jan 2017 – Moonlight Sabertooth Battle

Moonlight Sabertooth Battle

Moonlight Sabertooth Battle

Photograph of the Smilodon fight statue at the La Brea Tar Pit, with the moon cresting over the scene

2nd Jan 2017 – Los Angeles on Christmas Morn

Los Angeles on Christmas Morn

Los Angeles on Christmas Morn

Photograph of the Downtown Los Angeles Skyline- taken in the early morning shortly before Christmas dawn, (note the green and red lights on the Bank of America tower).

One thing about Los Angeles- since you can get vantage points all around the city, it is a debate as to which skyline is the “proper” or “official” skyline…

12th Dec 2016 – リトル東京スペースシャトルチャレンジャースーパーハッピータイムショー!

Little Tokyo Space Shuttle Challenger Super Happy Fun Time Show!


Snapshot of the model of the Space Shuttle Challenger, located in the Little Tokyo District of Downtown Los Angeles. This model is a memorial for Ellison Onizuka, who was one of the seven NASA astronauts who were assigned to Shuttle mission STS 51-L; the shuttle mission that ended in tragedy when the Challenger was destroyed shortly after liftoff.

14th Nov 2016 – Supermoon Setting

Supermoon Setting

Supermoon Setting

Snapshot of the Supermoon from 13-14 November 2016 setting over the Pacific Ocean, (with the Malibu point between the Ocean and the Moon).

Next supermoon this good? 2034. Hope you saw it today!

24th Oct 2016 – Cherries in Bloom at LACMA

Cherries in Bloom at @LACMA

Cherries in Bloom at LACMA

Photograph of a sprig of Cherry Blossoms blooming before the spire of LACMA’s Japanese Pavillion.

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