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May 22nd, 2013 – Zoe Saldana in Beige ( @zoesaldana )

Zoe Saldana

Zoë Saldaña at The Grove

During the great week of May 2013, was able to catch this snapshot of the luminous Zoë Saldaña while she was giving at interview to Extra TV at The Grove. Really, not much more to say about it, though it was fun to see this a couple of days before seeing the new Trek movie…

Just in case you don’t know who she is, the short version (via Wikipedia): Zoe Yadira Saldaña Nazario (pron.: /sælˈdænə/ sal-dan-ə; born June 19, 1978), known as Zoe Saldana or Zoë Saldaña, is an American actress. She had her breakthrough role in the 2000 film Center Stage and the 2002 film Crossroads. She later gained prominence for her roles as Anamaria in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Uhura in the 2009 film Star Trek, and a starring role as Neytiri in James Cameron’s Avatar. She also had a lead role in the action film Colombiana.

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