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Apr 11th, 2016 – Griffith in Review

Griffith in Review

Griffith in Review

Griffith Observatory is a facility in Los Angeles, California sitting on the south-facing slope of Mount Hollywood in Los Angeles’ Griffith Park. It commands a view of the Los Angeles Basin, including Downtown Los Angeles to the southeast, Hollywood to the south, and the Pacific Ocean to the southwest. The observatory is a popular tourist attraction with an excellent view of the Hollywood sign, and an extensive array of space and science-related displays. The Griffth is Southern California’s gateway to the cosmos! Visitors can look through telescopes, explore exhibits, see live shows in the Samuel Oschin Planetarium, and enjoy spectacular views of Los Angeles and the Hollywood Sign.

Griffith Observatory’s unique architecture and setting, compelling programmatic offerings, and cinematic exposure have made it one of the most famous and visited landmarks in southern California. Tens of millions have come to walk the inside of the building, view the live planetarium shows, or simply gaze out towards the coast and the heavens. This cultural and scientific icon owes its existence to the dream of one man, Griffith Jenkins Griffith, and to the dedicated scientists and public servants who worked to fulfill his vision of making astronomy and observation accessible to all.


Feb 29th, 2016 – Curving Towards the Sky

Curving Towards the Sky

Curving Towards the Sky

Lovely shot of the sky, naturally and as reflected on some of the skyline of Los Angeles. Taken from within the geometric architecture of the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

BTS- the photo was taken on the same day as the Party Girl’s With Me shoot.

Hiatus in Temperus

Greetings friends and followers!

Well, some good news and some bad; first, the bad. Life (personal and professional) have decided to get a little more tumultuous than I would like, which is going to put a crimp in getting the weekly postings up. Hopefully, it will only be a few week interruption, but I did want to at least give a heads up.

But, the good news should make up for the temporary silence on the blog front:
* First and foremost, the primary Mysidian Moments website is getting a major renovation. Its been in the works for a while now, but the trigger has been pulled, as it were. Once the bugs are worked out and I’m happy with the look and feel, it’ll go live.
* Next, I’ve been looking at how to sell prints and canvases of my photographs online, so the website will be incorporating a store into it. That’s some fun coding right there…
* I’m planning on making some excursions solely to go a-photoing in the near future- either as day trips or perhaps further afield.
* Lastly, while I am not going to stop watermarking my pictures, I have done some serious consideration on how to do it in a way that isn’t as jarring as the current “across the center” method I do now. Given how a determined individual can remove any visible watermark, I have decided to go with a less obfuscating style. I don’t have any intention to “undo” all the photos I’ve put up in the blog, but going forward (not counting the pictures in the queue), I will be using the new style. (Also, the primary website will be redone with the new style as well)

Thank you all for following/liking and generally enjoying my work- it does make the joy I get from photography even greater!

~ Jeremy ~

Jun 30th, 2014 – Sun Drinker in Bikini

Sun Drinker in Bikini

Sun Drinker in Bikini

Sunlight playing through Shawl over Bikini Model

Jun 23rd, 2014 – Marching with @TrevorProject

Trevor Project 2014 Pride

Trevor Project 2014 Pride

Snapshot of the Trevor Project volunteers marching in the LA Pride 2014 Parade in West Hollywood.

The Trevor Project is an American non-profit organization founded in 1998 and the leading national organization focused on suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning youth. You can find out more on their website here.

April 7th, 2014 – The Statue of Santa Monica

Saint Monica of Santa Monica

Saint Monica of Santa Monica

The Statue of Saint Monica in Santa Monica is a often overlooked site in the beachfront city. After all, the city was named after the 4th Century mother of St. Augustine of Hippo. The statue stands at the end of Wilshire Boulevard in Palisades Park, facing inland from the Pacific Ocean. This shot was taken as the sun was slowly setting, giving the statue a halo- as befitting a saintly visage.

Saint Monica (312 – 387 AD) (or Timaniket in the Berber language, her likely ancestry), who also known as Monica of Hippo, was an early Christian saint and the mother of St. Augustine of Hippo. She is honoured in the Roman Catholic Church where she is remembered and venerated for her outstanding Christian virtues, especially the suffering against the adultery of her husband, and a prayerful life dedicated to the reformation of her son, who wrote extensively of her pious acts and life with her in his Confessions. Popular Christian legends recall Saint Monica to have wept every night for her son Augustine.

Fun Fact- Santa Monica was called Kecheek in the Tongva language, who lived there long before Europeans colonized the area.

March 17th, 2014 – City Hall at Night

City Hall at Night

City Hall at Night

As night falls on Beverly Hills, City Hall stay lit up in the darkness.

Sometimes, night photography is fun in the many definitions of “fun”.

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