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7th Aug 2017 – A Wild Jerusalem Sphere Appears!

A Wild Jerusalem Sphere Appears!

A Wild Jerusalem Sphere Appears!

In Malibu one day, I came across this objet d’art in an acquaintance’s home. At the time, I thought that it was interesting, and maybe it was a small model of Jerusalem? Apparently, I was right on both counts, as it was indeed the city of Jerusalem in the form of a sphere. Frank Meisler designed the concept inspired by Mediæval maps which depicted Jerusalem as a circular city at the centre – the navel – of the world from which all distances to other cities were measured. The sculpture depicts the spirit of the city, its ancient walls and buildings of many styles, periods and cultures. It is mounted on a marble base the sphere is revolvable, and forged of metal silver and gold plated. And you can see the Malibu coastline of the Pacific Ocean in the background…



31st Jul 2017 – Sky Through the Sea

Sky Through the Sea

Sky Through the Sea

At the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles (by the USC campus), there is a large aquarium that reaches up to the natural light above, and has several vantage points, (some large, some small). This shot was taken from what appeared to be a somewhat isolated “cove” of the small sea, mostly cut off by the rocks and with a more vertical view port than most. However, you can see the sun shining in from above… a rather tranquil scene.

10th Jul 2017 – Twilight Freedom Sculpture

Twilight Freedom Sculpture

Twilight Freedom Sculpture

Taken the morning of July 5th, this is a shot of the Freedom Sculpture installed on Independence Day, July 4th, 2017. It took 4 years for the Farhang Foundation, a non-political, non-religious, non-profit Iranian-American cultural organization, to commission, secure city authorization and raise enough money build and install the Freedom Sculpture, a permanent iconic monument celebrating religious freedom, cultural diversity and inclusiveness — the humanitarian ideals or Cyrus the Great that have been enshrined by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution of the United States.

With over a million supporters, from all across America and over 50 countries around the world, the Freedom Sculpture has become the most widely crowd-supported monumental gift in U.S. History. It now stands like a “Statue of Liberty for the West Coast”, in the heart of Los Angeles, one of the world’s most culturally diverse cities, as a permanent symbolic reminder that freedom, inclusiveness and respect for diversity are the foundational values that truly make America great.

The winning design of the Freedom Sculpture was created by renowned artist and architect Cecil Balmond. It is themed on the Cyrus Cylinder from 2,500 years ago, widely considered the first declaration of human rights, whereby Cyrus the Great Persian King originally granted individual and religious freedoms to all within his vast and culturally diverse empire. The large-scale, modern-day sculptural interpretation of the Cyrus Cylinder is made of two finely crafted 100% stainless steel cylinders, one within the other. The interior cylinder is gold, and the outer element is silver – both interacting with each other in an exchange of strength and vulnerability. The two rings are linked internally to form a strong and robust structure.

I do really enjoy this sculpture- and am sure it will make further appearances in this photoblog.

* I would have taken some photographs during the fireworks during the installation celebration, but the organizers decided real cameras were verbotten- such an annoying yet very LA thing…

12th Jun 2017 – Model in Orange

Model in Orange

Model in Orange

Photo from a model shoot with a distinctive orange background, which has a classic Americana look- feels like from roughly the roaring ’20s.

22nd May 2017 – Endeavour in the Barn

Endeavour in the Barn

Endeavour in the Barn

Shot of the Space Shuttle Endeavour in its resting position at the California Science Center.

And I feel I should pimp my other Space Shuttle Endeavour photographs, especially this one

24th Apr 2017 – March for Science, LA edition

March for Science, Los Angeles - Stage

March for Science, Los Angeles – Stage

March for Science, Los Angeles - March Snapshot

March for Science, Los Angeles – March Snapshot

The largest* March for Science, held in Los Angeles, CA, had roughly 50,000 marching from Pershing Square to City Hall with speeches by Lucy Jones, Tom Steyer and Allison Schroeder beginning at noon. Former NASA astronaut Garrett Reisman led the rally in an electric vehicle. The shots here are of the speaker’s podium and a snap of the march coming down 1st Street.

And this protestor was a fellow repeat from the Women’s March- but I didn’t get a decent shot then… This one isn’t perfect, but For Science!

March for Science LA - Princess Bubblegum

March for Science LA – Princess Bubblegum

* Might be the 2nd largest- can anyone point me to a count of the DC march? Oddly couldn’t find one with an estimate…

10th Apr 2017 – Strutting Seagull

Strutting Seagull

Strutting Seagull

Just a snapshot of a seagull strutting along the Santa Monica Beach with the Pacific Ocean just over its wing…

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