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May 27th, 2013 – 42 Hours 42 Minutes – the @ArrestedDev #NeverNude Finalists!

The Never Nudes!

The Never Nude Contest Finalists at the Arrested Development Release event at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills!

The big event at the Paley Center for the Arrested Development release on Netflix was the Never Nudes contest- this shot is of the finalists posing in front of the Bluth’s Frozen Banana Stand…

** Drum Roll **

2nd Place was Blue Man Never Nude


Grand Prize went to the Family of Never Nudes (behind the Blue Man)

It was a great time- and the bananas were surprisingly delicious! I will likely put the video I took of the contest up on YouTube soon; it isn’t the best quality, but it was just a fun event.


(And a special shout out to the randomness of running into Sandeep Parikh at the event- ah, Hollywood…)

May 27th, 2013 – 42 hours in, how is your Arrested Development fix?

Bluth's Frozen Banana Stand

Bluth’s Frozen Banana Stand at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills

Welcome to the Bluth’s Frozen Banana Stand!

For the Arrested Development renewal after 7 years on Netflix, they had an event where you could visit the Bluth’s Frozen Banana Stand at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills. (The day before, it was at The Grove in Los Angeles, but there was another event at the Beverly Hills one… check back at 42 hours and 42 minutes in)

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