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Sala Kakuhle, Madiba

Sala Kakuhle, Madiba

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Nelson Mandela, 1999 by Mike Hutchings, Reuters

Mandela's signature

As you know (or know now), Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela passed today, peacefully, at the age of 95.

He is one of the few men who I could truly look up to.  He practiced what he preached, he went and searched for those who needed help, he adapted, and he never gave up the good fight.  His accomplishments, and the means he brought them about- against insurmountable odds- are a testament to the human spirit.

Now, we must rise up to continue his work- that of togetherness, forgiveness, enlightenment and striving towards a better, united tomorrow- we must rise.

Rest, Rolihlahla; enjoy the rest you have so greatly earned.

Sala kakuhle, Madiba

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