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Shadow of the Shadow of the Shadow

Shadow of the Shadow of the Shadow

In remembrance of the great man, Nelson Mandela, a selection of African art- showing the fragility of life…

This photograph is of the LACMA installation Congo: Shadow of the Shadow (2005) by the Luba artist Aimé Mpane has been borrowed from the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African Art. A male figure formed from 4,652 matchsticks expresses the paradoxes of human fragility and strength as light plays against shadow, substance against ethereality. Shadow of a Shadow offers a gripping commentary about how power was co-opted and re-configured by King Leopold’s possession (1885–1908) and then Belgian colonial rule of the Congo (1908–1960). The resilience and courage of Congolese people are expressed by Mpane’s installation, and the brilliance of contemporary Congolese artists offers an important lens into present perspectives on the past.

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